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Who We Are

DevBrains is far more than just offering free coding lessons and tutorials, it is where future brilliant programmers and web developers are born!

Our Mission

Our goal is one, that is to provide upcoming programmers with all that they need to become masters of the art of coding. We offer free courses and lessons that cover almost all new technologies out there, we have the best free tutorials on our YouTube channel(DevBrains), and we're here to answer all of your questions in our Forum.

Free Coding Tutorials

In our free code tutorials, before we cover any coding lessons, we teach you HOW to learn programming effectively:

  • How to think algorithmically.
  • How to code efficiently.
  • How to understand "complex" problems and break them down into simple chunks.
  • How to organize your time to learn code.

Modern Web Technologies

You'll be introduced to widely used technologies in web and app development like Symfony 5, API REST, Flutter, MySQL, Vue.js, Python, and much more.

Our tutorials are free and available for all levels of experience. One thing we promise: DevBrains' tutorials will take you from a beginner to an advanced coder in no time.

Web Development

At DevBrains, we believe that Websites should look good from the inside and out. – Paul Cookson That's why our free web coding tutorials will help you master the languages of the web, build stunning websites and create dynamic interfaces. Currently, DevBrains has the following technologies covered:

  • Symfony 5
  • Python (coming soon)

Many more are to come, in the simplest way possible! DevBrains is a free family, that's why we're open to covering new topics, all you have to do is tell us which one you need help with the most.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps are the future, and we will help you seize it! DevBrains will guide you through your learning journey of Android app development and, by all means, will support you and watch you build your first Android app. Currently, DevBrains has the following technologies covered:

  • Flutter
  • Android

Many more Android development tutorials are to come, as usual, in the simplest way possible!

Collaborate with Programmers

In our forum, we encourage you to ask any questions that you have in mind whether they're related to our tutorials or not, share projects you're working on, and we will help you find the best collaborators. Our community is a family, and family will always be there for you!

Weekly Blogs

Not the boring type, that we promise! When you're not in the mood to binge-watch our tutorials or code, your next to-do shall be our blogs. We have blog posts about topics ranging from A to Z: from coding and time management tips to mental health and communication.

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